worldwide famous painter and sculptor

Famous Artists NamesThroughout the entire human history, there have been numerous painters and artists that have gifted the world with outstanding masterpieces. Some are well-known while others have faded into obscurity. And if you were to ask thousands of people, they would be hard-pressed to say which ones are the greatest artists of all time. This is because everyone has their own ideas and opinions of what art should be. Nonetheless, there are a number of famous painters and sculptors who belong to everyone’s list of great artists.

Possibly the most famous of all painters and sculptors is Leonardo Da Vinci. We all know about his painting, the Mona Lisa, which is probably the most famous painting in the history of the world. Aside from this, he also painted “The Last Supper” which achieved additional fame because of the controversies linked to it in Dan Brown’s book The Davinci Code. While Da Vinci’s paintings and his inventions are known around the world, some may not be aware of his sculptures. In 1942, he was commissioned by the Duke of Milan to create the largest horse sculpture in the world. Da Vinci’s horse, which was a 24-foot high clay model, was never finished. It was supposed to be cast in bronze but was put on hold due to the need to build bronze cannons during that time.Famous Artists Names

Pablo Picasso is another worldwide famous painter and sculptor. Most of his fame is attributed to his paintings that were categorized according to periods. These include the Blue Period, the Rose Period, and the African-influenced period. The Blue Period was comprised of paintings that mostly utilized the shades of blue and blue-green and often depicted depressing subjects such as prostitutes and beggars as well as gaunt mothers and children. His Rose Period was considerably more cheerful, utilizing shades of orange and pink and depicting people from the circus such as harlequins and acrobats. The African-influenced period, on the other hand, consisted of paintings inspired by African artifacts. Possibly his most famous sculpture today is the Chicago Picasso which he donated to the people of Chicago.

Michelangelo is inarguably one of the greatest artists of all time. He is not only famous for his paintings and his sculptures but also for his contribution to architecture. One of his most famous sculptures is the Statue of David, a standing male nude statue made out of marble. Numerous other statues can be found across Europe, mostly located in churches and museums. His most famous paintings are those that can be found in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. The Last Judgment, which can be found on the entire altar wall of the Sistine Chapel, depicts the Second Coming of Christ and the final judgment of all mankind. The entire ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was also painted by Michelangelo. The ceiling shows nine scenes taken from the book of Genesis, the most famous of which is the Creation of Adam. This scene has achieved iconic status; the hands of God and Adam having been reproduced in numerous imitations.

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