Leonardo Da Vinci

Famous Artists NamesIn the art world and even beyond, there are a lot of famous painters and sculptors. We have all heard of Vincent Van Gogh and his troubled life. We’ve seen reproductions of some of Michelangelo’s works, particularly the one in the Sistine Chapel. We also are aware of the great contributions that Picasso, Rembrandt, and many more famous painters and sculptors have given us throughout the years. But if one were to rate these artists according to their achievements and talents, there is none that can compare to Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo Da Vinci is a famous painter and sculptor of Italian descent. He is also known to be an architect, inventor, musician, writer, mathematician, geologist, and even a botanist. Most people consider him to be the epitome of the Renaissance Man because he was so diversely talented. Born in 1452, Leonardo was the illegitimate son of a gentleman and a peasant. His name “Leonardo Da Vinci” literally means Leonardo of Vinci, the latter being the name of the town where he was born. When he was 14, he became an apprentice of Verrocchio who owned one of the best workshops in the whole of Florence. Other famous painters who also apprenticed with Verrocchio include Botticelli, Perugino, and Lorenzo di Credi. One of Leonardo’s earliest works was a collaboration with Verrocchio to create the painting called the Baptism of Christ.

Of his many contributions to the art world and society in general, most of his fame has been attributed to his paintings because of the various qualities found within. These include his use of innovative techniques in painting, the subtle gradation of tone in his paintings, and his comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, geology, and botany. Possibly his most famous work is the Mona Lisa which is a portrait of a woman believed to be Lisa Gherardini. The painting is considered by some to be the most well-known, the most visited, and even the most parodied of all works of art worldwide. Songs about the woman’s mysterious smile has even been sung all around the world.

Another great painting of Leonardo’s is The Last Supper which is considered to be the religious painting that has the most reproductions.  In this painting, Leonardo depicts the scene of the last supper Jesus had with his disciples before he was crucified. More specifically, this painting shows the reactions of each of the disciples when Jesus informs them that one of them would betray him. It is quite possibly Leonardo’s most controversial work simply because of the speculations that many writers and even historians attach to it. There are some who believe that Leonardo placed hidden images within the painting. This belief became even more popular with the release of books such as The Templar Revelation and The Da Vinci Code.

Even though centuries have passed, Leonardo’s influence in the world of art and beyond still continues today. While his art is still very much appreciated, more recently, it has been his inventions that have ultimately added to his fame.

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