art paintings by famous artists


Art paintings by famous artists are an important legacy to mankind. Some great artists have left an indelible mark in the field of art. Some of their creations are venerated by people today- exhibited in art galleries, auctioned at big auction houses and decorating the homes of art aficionados.

The tiniest detail of theses art paintings by famous artists, their history and their theme are discussed with great aplomb by art students and enthusiasts worldwide. Some of the art paintings by famous artists are as follows:

  • Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Madonna and Child, Virgin of the Rocks: These famous paintings are by the perfect Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci, Born in Vinci, Italy in 1452, he was a multitalented person-scientist, painter, sculptor, mathematician, musician all rolled into one. He moved to Milan at age 30 and painted most of his famous works there. He was an adherent of the realist paintings by famous artists
  • Morning Haze, Marine near Etretat, Lily pond:  Famous paintings by Claude Monet, born in Paris in 1940. He grew up in the sea side and was an accomplished painter even as a child. Despite family opposition, he enrolled in an art school. He travelled al over France to find painting subjects. His first wife Camille died and Monet remarried. With his new wife Alice, he moved to Giverny, near Paris where he crafted most of his paintings in the impressionist style. He passed away in 1926.
  • Guernica, Three Musicians, The three dancers: Creations by the genius, Pablo Picasso. Born in Malaga, Spain in 1881 to Jose Ruiz, also a painter. He painted in several styles like Expressionism and Cubism and was also a good sculptor. His work is divided into blue and pink period. He painted with Blue shades in his early twenties. The rose period started after he moved from Spain to France.
  •  Sunflowers, Wheatfield with crows, The Starry Night: Painted by master artist Vincent Van Gogh. Born in 1853 in Holland. He worked in a variety of roles from teaching to preaching. His personal and professional life was mostly unhappy so recurrent themes in his paintings are poor, sad people. He painted in the post-impressionist style. Eventually, he committed suicide.
  • Campbell’s soup Can, Marilyn Diptych, Eight Elvises:  painted by Andy Warhol, American exponent of pop art. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1928. A precocious talent, he was encouraged by his mother and teachers to paint. He studied art at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. He developed his own signature style of Pop art.
  •  The Persistence of Memory, Crucifixion, the Sacrament of the Last Supper: Painted by the eccentric artist, Salvador Dali. He was born in 1904 in Spain. An eccentric personality from childhood, he painted terrifying, strange images. He dropped out form art school in Madrid. His art style came to be known as Surrealism. He died at 85.
  • Over Vitebsk, The Praying Jew, I and the Village, The Violinist: Painted by Marc Chagall, born in Vitebsk, Russia in 1887. He grew up in Russia, moved to France, then to the U.S, and back to France. He died in 1985 in France. He was an exponent of Cubism and Expressionism. He was famous for painting Russian- Jewish villages as well as violinists.
  • Moulin rouge, At the Moulin Rouge, The Jockey: paintings by Henri De Toulouse Lautrec: An exponent of Post impressionism and Realism, he loved to paint houses and night clubs like the Moulin Rouge.

These are some of most acclaimed art paintings by famous artists. They are remarkable for perfection, exquisite details and unique style of expression.

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